Hourly prices

  • Private:  €    65,-
  • Groups 
  • 2 pers.€   80,-
  • 3 pers.€ 105,-
  • 4 pers.€ 120,-
  • Trial classes only for private lessons: € 45,-
  • Groups with more than 4 persons: price in mutual agreement
  • Combination classes (Dutch + art/culture): price in mutual agreement
  • Books and other materials are not included.

In company trainings

Special offers depending on the specific needs of your company.
Special offers are applied both to private classes and groups (max. 10 pers.)
and also to the combination lessons (Dutch + art/culture)

Registered CRKBO, which means no VAT / Chamber of Commerce 343486110000

GOED-NEDERLANDS Goed Nederlands means customized courses, acccording to your specific needs.
Complete courses, conversation-classes, writing-classes, anything is possible.

Are you interested?

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